Tuesday, July 12

Shhh...the babies are sleeeeeeeeeeeping!

Not to jinx a good thing, but the babies have been sleeping thru the night since Thursday - as in drinking their last bottle of the night around 8:30 and sleeping until 5 or later. And neither one of us woke up to check on the babies! We slept as long as they did. There wasn't any special trick - their bedtime routine is to change into sleep sacks/swaddles and turn the lights down while we feed them their bottles. When they finish, we just put them to bed. They go to sleep pretty easy - there might be a couple minutes of grunting but usually we can pop a pacifier in their mouth until they settle down and fall asleep.

They have been so pleasant and awake after their morning bottles, watching TV or smiling at us when we talk to them. Drew is certainly more smile-y; Kelsey "looks" happy, smiles less, but is more observant. We have been enjoying Craig's early evening softball games, getting outside in the nice weather. Otherwise we are loving summer and hanging with our friends. In less than 2 weeks we will be celebrating our friends' marriage, my sister's golden birthday, and turning 4 months old!

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