Sunday, September 25

Going to the Chapel and We're Going to Get Married...

Well...we made it! Of course when we left Friday afternoon I felt like I was forgetting something but I had to accept that sometimes that happens:) The ride up to Green Lake was uneventful. The kids did SO WELL all weekend. So proud of them for being troopers - it was a LONG weekend in unfamiliar surroundings. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

First hotel sleepover!

And one of them had to sleep in this cage/crib!

Before the wedding - getting ready

Little man (with our AWESOME nanny, who spent the weekend with us too)

Beautiful wedding back drop

Yay! We're 6 months!

Being pretty all day can tire a girl out!

Kelsey with the bride

We were so happy to all be a part of Derek and Cassandra's day. We wish them many happy years together and lots of cousins for Drew and Kelsey!

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