Thursday, September 29

"Long Days...Short Years..."

...a quote from  a dear twin-mom friend of mine and boy, does that describe our life! Just thinking about working all day, coming home to play with the kids, make dinner, give them baths and get them to bed sometimes feels like two days work in one. But since recently hitting their 6 month milestone, I can't believe where the time has gone! Really?! It's OCTOBER this weekend- holy man. Although, I was a little sad last week seeing a pregnant lady walk by. I'm having a hard time *remembering* being pregnant myself. It seems like such a LONG time ago. Maybe it's because my pregnancy was shortened; maybe because it was fairly unpleasant, I blocked most of it out. But I don't feel negatively about it - I wanted to be pregnant for so.long. So the bed rest, cervix malfunction, and uterine irritability were just minor bumps to overcome to get to see our babies.

But don't mistake these sentiments as "baby fever". We are overjoyed with our happy, healthy children; there are no plans for more. Our hearts and hands are full!

Anyway, one to baby news...they are hilarious. Rolling all over, laughing at nothing, talking to no-one:) Tomorrow is their 6 month check-up and I'm excited to hear about their progress. We have been weighing them on our Wii fit board and we'll see if that correlates with the doctor's scale. I am NOT looking forward to shots but hopefully this will be it until they are a year old (eek!) except for their second flu shot.

Hopefully we will have a couple more mild weekends before the cold weather hits. I would like to take their 7 month pics outside. (AND I can't wait to see the professional shots of the babies from the wedding!)

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  1. Baby Fever?! Gah! Haha, I totally understand. I still have a VERY hard time seeing anything to do with child birth on TV. I also don't feel negative about it, I just feel empty and know that I will never experience child birth. I swear I'll mourn that for the rest of my life, but yet know that the way it all happened was necessary for my pumpkins to get here. I don't care about my 8 wk hospital stay, or the scary weeks leading up to it... I just wish so bad I could've seen my kids the day they were born...
    Yup, I get it. We all have our thing, and yours is to see pregnant bellies out enjoying pregnant life.
    Long days, short years - I knew you'd get it!