Wednesday, January 11

Post holiday pics

The joys of teething...all I can say is that Kelsey has to let mom and dad sleep soon or it is not going to be pretty! We are currently running on little sleep this week with Kelsey waking up a couple times each night. It can't last forever, right?

The kids got a really cool present from the Lettenbergers for Christmas. The two of them will sit around it and play by themselves for AT LEAST 20 min, which in my world feels like an eternity. It is a singing alphabet, numbers, colors train that can be pushed, pulled, and ridden!

And I had to show you the kids kickin' it with their pillow pets (Christmas gifts from Grandma Linda)!

And Drew with Kelsey's doll - aren't these the photos parents use to torment their kids when they're teenagers??

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