Wednesday, January 4

Steady Goes It

Their 9  month appointment (on Monday) went well. It was our first time at the doctor's office where I felt like everything was going to go smoothly, i.e. they weren't going to tell me I should be doing something I wasn't. We met with the nurse practitioner and I guess she doesn't chart their growth because she never gave us the kids' percentages so that we would have an idea of how they're growing. They are a little behind developmentally, Drew more than Kelsey. But I look at them giggling away, playing on the living room floor and think, "hey, they eat, sleep, and poop like normal kids. Do I really care if they aren't pulling up on furniture, feeding themselves, or Drew isn't crawling yet?" Easy answer - No.

Anyway, D is 18.6 lbs and K is 17.3 lbs. They've gained about 3 lbs in 3 months.Overall it was a  pretty good exam except when Kelsey needed her ears checked - she was not happy! There was only 1 shot this appt.  Can you believe in less than 3 months these kids will no longer be infants??

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