Monday, January 16

Wrestle Mania

And so it begins. I mean I knew it was unavoidable - I did it with my siblings and even broke my brother's arm while doing it (I'm not sure I ever really got in trouble for it either, we were both at fault for calfin' around). But Kelsey has the upper hand, mostly because she is more mobile than Drew - she's a stronger crawler and can pull herself up onto things. Drew has the advantage of overall size over Kelsey but when she gets on top of him, he's pretty much pinned. Guess we know who is going to be the bully/boss in this house!

I HAD to put this pic in -don't you just wanna eat him up!
So snugly and peaceful:)
 Do I dare mention that our household had a pretty nice Sunday evening while the rest of Wisconsin fell into a depressive state of shock??

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