Monday, January 23

Doldrums of Winter

There isn't a whole lot of "new" stuff going on in Kelsey and Drew land...Drew has only taken a couple crawls at a time and is not zooming around the house like Kelsey. We are working on "hi" and "bye" and giving "high-fives". There is a nasty little virus making the kids pretty miserable the last couple days.

Here is some shenanigans I caught with the camera - Kelsey spends her days crawling into everything; the bouncy chair, car seat, a pile of toys. I guess it's her begining to be strong enough to pull up on furniture.

Here she is just giving me that cute, innocent look

She made it into her chair -  pretty proud of herself

You can imagine what happened - she doesn't understand leverage and gravity:)

And Drew coming in after Krazy Kelsey because this looks like a new toy to him!

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