Friday, January 27

10 and 31

The babies turned 10 months old on my 31st birthday (Wednesday). And on that day Drew decided to crawl!! He was *kinda* crawling the day before but Wednesday morning he crawled past my mom to get a toy. He still rolls to get places, but I'm sure as soon as he figures out that crawling gets him places faster and he can see in front of him, he'll switch:) I wanted to get a picture with them out in the snow, bundled up, but we've been in this weird deep-freeze-thaw weather so it's not the prettiest outside and there isn't a whole lot of snow. Maybe after the weekend...

The kids are still fighting their colds - Drew has bronchiolitis so his cough is more cumbersome than anything. Kelsey is a snot-mess but both are "acting" like themselves and finally eating/drinking normal again.

I'll leave you with some more pics of Kelsey "picking" on Drew. Just wait until Drew realizes he is BIGGER than her - she's gonna have it coming!

Kelsey thought the high-chair trays were best used as surfing/body boards.

Loving his singing and rocking grasshopper!

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