Sunday, March 25

1 Year Down, 99 To Go

Well, we did it - we made through one.whole.year, with twins. And what a day it was, filled with LOTS of family and friends. It was a fairly successful party even though the twins skipped their afternoon nap. (The day never would have went as smoothly if my sister hadn't arrived yesterday morning and stayed until the party. There might not be another birthday party if Tara can't come and HELP.) They stayed relatively happy and I can't remember any meltdowns - wait, were my kids at the same party we were at?? Just kidding; my babies are usually good at entertaining themselves and there were PLENTY of people that wanted to hold/play with them. I was just a little nervous on how they'd react to the large amounts of people in their territory. Now this whole skipping naps thing is another issue that Kelsey has been turning into a habit for over a week. We are not ready for them to be "one-nap-a-day-toddlers" quite yet:)

They looked at us like crazy people when we sang to them! And after a little coaxing, they really got their hands into the cake. Kelsey actually *ate* most of her half and Drew ended up *wearing* his!

A intricately hand-made gift from the sitter!

Drew sitting on the PURPLE chair, holding a doll - oh man, is Craig paying attention?!

After party chilling with Auntie Tara

Waving "hi" in the tunnel

*Total side-note: I just GASPED out loud because I realized the new season of Mad Men started tonight. I watched the past 4 (or 5) seasons while on bedrest last year and have been patiently waiting for it to start again. I'm addicted! And Sunday night is a great day to watch a TV series, since Dexter, our other TV love, is on Sundays.*

(And I have some cute pics from all the warm weather we 'had' that I will share later this week - some days there isn't just enough hours to do all the things we want!)

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