Monday, March 12


The whole point of naming my previous post, "It's Definitely Spring", was to tell you how absolutely GORGEOUS it was outside yesterday. But my brain isn't functioning normally. Some people tell me it's "mommy brain"; really though, I've been absent-minded my whole life. What I was going to write yesterday, is that we were able to get out and take pictures by the river. Months earlier when I was picking outfits for us to wear, I had found cute jackets for the kids that matched so nice. And I *thought* surely if the weather allowed us to go outside, we would NEED jackets. Now I don't want to sound crazy but it was almost too warm for what I was wearing (sweater and jeans). I even planned to need winter hats (and it doesn't hurt that Kelsey and I look pretty good in them:)). We ended up not putting coats on the kids and had to find some shade, since the sun was SO bright.

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify and let you know that the post title had a meaning.

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