Saturday, March 17

"...Up In The Gym, Just Workin' on My Fitness"

So life has been...LIFE! We just keep keeping on. The kids have been getting outside and the fresh air definitely wears them out:) Kelsey has been falling asleep on the ride home from the sitter (taking a 3rd nap) or "wanting" to go to bed earlier. This of course gives Craig and I even more freedom in the evenings (about a month ago we started putting the kids to bed awake; before that we waited until they were COMPLETELY passed out and then moved them to their cribs...which meant we weren't free until almost 8:30, which left little time for "us").

I have to admit I'm getting excited that the kids' birthday is only a week away. Every weekend we have been doing a little more to the house to "get ready" and I'm ready to be done! I *think* we are pretty set for it - thankfully Craig has next Friday off so he will be finishing the honey-do list:)

And for some reason I decided that today would be the end of bottles (except for bedtime; I'm pretty much NEVER giving up that one - how else do kids go to sleep?!:)). I think it happened because we were so busy around the house that when snack time came, I just fed them applesauce and they drank their sippy cups. It was SO NICE not having to make a bottle. Sometimes milestones find their own way of showing up:)

I don't know what their obsession is with the weights, but they think it's fun! And no matter how far I roll them under the couch, somehow they can get to them.

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