Sunday, March 11

It's Definitely Spring

Well, day light savings rained a little on our parade but as talented as Christy is, I'm sure we will get great pictures. I planned on the kids falling asleep on the 10 min car ride and then sleeping for a good hour. As soon as we stopped, Drew woke up and as soon as we put Kelsey in the stroller, she woke up. They didn't fall asleep again until after pictures, which was 2 HOURS past their usual time. Drew fought us in the beginning and the end - it took him a while to warm up and then he was ready to end the session a bit before we were! It took a little more coaxing from us to get my usually smiley boy to cooperate and participate. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. A BIG thank you to our friends, Melissa and Rich, for letting us/the kids muck up their perfectly clean condo. There should be a sneak peak on Christy's blog and I will share it with you as soon as it's up! Otherwise, here is a *small* peak at the kids from today (I was just TOO tired to take any of my own after Christy left!).

It's a huge owl pillow!! (Thanks, Miss Melissa)

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