Wednesday, March 7

It's Winter, It's Spring, It's Winter, It's Spring

So I'm starting to worry, of course over things I can't control! We are having the kids pictures on Sunday and it all started when I realized it was day light savings. (Which, according to other parents, is just a mean joke to people with children.) When I booked our session back in December, 10:00 a.m. was a good time - just after a nap, before lunch, they should be in a pretty good mood. But now with the time change, I have no clue when they will nap or if I should wake them up early (I can't believe I just wrote that!) in order to keep them on OUR schedule. And then what if they get a cold and we have to deal with snotty noses or (ick) we get a cold. I guess when you spend a good chunk of money, you want EVERYTHING to go as smoothly as you can plan it (the optimal word being PLAN; who am I kidding anymore, now that I'm a mother). Maybe I just needed to get that out - I feel better already. I promise I realize that "parenthood" is more about letting it all be; I'll let you know how it plays out.

This week has been SPRING! Thank God for my mom and our great sitters, who have been getting our kids out for walks whenever the weather allows. Our nanny is talking about the zoo later this week also. Maybe someday when I come home from work, I will have the motivation to take the babies for a walk - considering we have this fancy double stroller I haven't used yet. And I guess Drew is pulling up to stand, but not in front of US! The sitter said he did it a couple times this week. We've also found him standing next to a toy or chair but neither one of us saw how he got there! Ah, my mysterious little man.

He loves the quick-baby-mess-pickker-up carpet sweeper!

Weekend morning pajama time!

This may look sweet, but I think she's just trying to get down.

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