Saturday, May 18

2 Year Appointment

The results of the check-up went well. As for their attitudes...that's another story. I knew Kelsey would be apprehensive; she always is at first in new situations with new faces. And I thought there is no way she is beginning to remember the doctor's office. But as soon as we headed into the exam room, the tears started flowing. Drew on the other hand was a mess from the moment we entered the waiting room. I think he was still tired because he got up from his nap a little early so that he would be "awake" when I picked him up. Usually he is very interactive with the doctor and has no problems with the poking and prodding.

Well, we were that family. We were the kids you could hear crying from the hallway. We had crocodile tears, snot, and drool running down faces and stickers only made Kelsey stop for a few seconds. I have to admit I was a little embarrassed. I did not think both of my kids would act that way. Thankfully there was only one shot and one finger prick. (And to save the day and instantly dry the tears, a Saf-T sucker afterwards.)

Kelsey is 26lbs 2oz (45%)
                35 3/4in (95%) - really, who are her parents? She's been in the 90th percentile for height
                                            since she was 6 mo old.
                47cm head circumference (50%)

Drew is 25lbs 8oz (25%) - he eats the most too! (And I hate to say I told you so, mom!)
              35 1/2in (80%)
              47.3cm head circumference (25%)

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