Monday, May 13

A Horse of Course!

A picture left over from last weekend when we were cleaning up the yard.

We had a very chill weekend, especially since the weather was so icky. Mother's day was relaxing and fun socializing with all the fam at my mom's. It is so obvious now that Drew is more comfortable/mellow around people he doesn't know or see very often, where Kelsey is attached to my side and will cry the minute she feels constricted or overwhelmed. We are gearing up for their 2 year doctor's appt (I know it's like 6 wks late but we had to reschedule their 18mo appt and the appts need to be 6 mo apart because of shots). So I'm excited to hear how their growing and what to look forward to in the next year. Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day.

Auntie Cassandra saw this for FREE at a rummage sale, and of course
had my brother stop so they could pick it up for the kids. You wonder
a little about why it was free....but we thoroughly checked it out and
couldn't find anything wrong with it - except if they try to get on it
without an adult around!

My daper dude triking away Mother's Day morning

He was really getting into the bouncing!

We were pulling patio furniture out and the kids crawled right up, like
mini bunk beds!

There was fake snoring coming from the bottom "bed"!

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