Friday, May 24

Someone's In The Kitchen

The kids have been pulling their little stools up to the counter saying, "I see. I hep. I wan hep." Which is cute except for the boiling pots of food on the stove. Or if Drew gets mad that Kelsey is on the stool and doesn't get off immediately, he tries to pull the stool out from under her! Oh yea, that's fun.

Here, Kelsey is helping by taking all the shredded cheese out of the package.
Totally helpful.

Drew is eating his string cheese snack and triking.

And I have to give a shout out (because it's been a week already) to our best good friends in Denver, Nicole and Andy. They brought this beautiful little man, Declan, into the world last Friday. We wish them the best as new parents and to remember we are only a phone call away! (I can't wait to visit them in July!)
Right now are weekend is scheduled to be pretty low-key. We may try to hit the zoo and we hope to have a swing set up by the afternoon Saturday. Here's to enjoying Memorial weekend in coats!

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