Monday, May 20

Birthdays and Share!

Kelsey learned the word "share" a couple months ago and would use it whenever she wanted to play with what Drew was holding. She yells, "Share!" at Drew as she's taking the toy away, thinking that she has appropriately executed the sharing policy. And Drew almost always willing gave up the toy (I say almost because come on, he's 2). But lately it sounds like she is saying "hi share" or just "share". She copies a lot of what we say so she could be saying "Hi Cher" (her aunt) or "sure" (we aren't formal people up in here). It seemed like we totally confused her when Auntie Cher was here for their birthday and we were practicing names with pictures. She was all, "you're telling me I have an Aunt Share, which is the same thing I'm supposed to do with my toys?" Mind. Blown.

Kelsey also likes to pick up a play phone and say, "Hello? Oh, hiiiiiii. Wheely (really)? Ok, bye!" - which she copied from Calliou's dad. Both kids are interested in if they or you are "hert". They have been sincerely asking us or each other, "you okay, daddy (mommy, Due, Kelty)?" Or if they bump their head or pinch a finger, they come running in by us holding the affected appendage and saying, "I hert."

It was my dad's 60th birthday Saturday and we celebrated the only way we know how - with 11 30pks of Busch light, 100 hamburgers and brats, fire pits in the driveway, and all our family and friends. We began the day with mass in memory of my dad and continued until most of us were over served! It was a great party but so sad to be missing the guest of honor.

It was also Craig's birthday today. I took the day off of work (which I've done since I met him - usually tried to surprise him by bringing a cake into his class to celebrate). It also worked in my favor to have another day to recover from the weekend;) And since the kids were with the sitter all weekend, I was able to have an extra day with them. Craig was able to schedule a special pizza party with his 6th grade class and we joined them for about an hour. The kids had fun running around and the 6th graders had fun chasing them! Then we celebrated at home with cake! The kids were in heaven:)

Being silly and SHARING the cozy coup before we visit Craig.

Totally cute and chatting it up!

Me with my brother and sister and a penguin someone left on the front lawn
of my dad's that said, "Happy 60th Bob"

It's totally normal for horses to show up to your party, right? They live around
a country corner from my dad and were out for an after dinner stroll.

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