Monday, May 27

Swings and Slides and Lions and Bears

A big thanks to my brother Derek and Craig's teacher friend, Jake, for helping disassemble and reassemble this swing set. Craig's partner teacher offered it to us now that both of her daughters are in high school, we just had to get it from Hales Corners to our house! And that's where having a brother with a "beeg tuck" and trailer come in extra handy. The guys said it went as good as it could - which in these circumstances you never really expect it to go perfectly, without any hang ups. I think the only issue was how far they had to carry some of the heavier pieces from the front of the house to the back yard.

We had our first visit of the year to the zoo Sunday. It wasn't projected to rain but they said it would be cloudy. We decided to get the kids out and enjoy the day. It was only 50 degrees at our house that morning, so I kinda bundled up the kids. Then Craig said, "remember the zoo always seems to be warmer, especially if the sun comes out." Boy was he right. The sun came out and we all had to shed a layer of clothes. I saw people coming thru the gate in shorts and t-shirts, well let's not be ridiculous, it wasn't THAT nice out. It was a great day and we finally were able to show the kids the real animals associated with all those animal sounds they make!!


Lumpy Camel

Sleeping Lions

Mr. Bear taking a dip

Craig says it looks like she was taking a "selfie", trying to get the giraffe in
the pic with her! (I think she was talking to me about the giraffe)

Sometimes you just gotta get out of the wagon and push it!

FIRST ride on the train!

Kelsey lost it. I'm not sure what scared her but she cried the moment the line started moving
onto the train. She figured it out as soon as it started moving and enjoyed the rest of it :)

This little man was loving every minute - except when they blew the whistle...
which is silly since they both make "choo choo" noises but I think it was more the
intensity of the whistle; we were sitting close to the engine.

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