Monday, May 6

Buh-Bye Potty

I found a picture of the kids sitting on the potty, side by side, taking their sweet time reading. They "sit" on them a lot but there isn't much action. Once in a while Kelsey will go and sometimes she will just stand up and start walking with her pants around her ankles. Apparently at the sitter's, Drew likes to brush his teeth while sitting on the potty - which doesn't make sense since he's a man and they don't multi-task very well!!;) I recently picked up a second potty at a resale and let's be serious, how could I not with its pink crown! But I will surely see Drew using the pink one only because it is different and new. Their favorite part is flushing the pee down the toilet, ya know you have to get right in there so you can see it and say, "buh-bye potty".

With all this fantastic spring weather, we have been spending lots of time outdoors. We spent two full days on the lawn; trying to get grass to grow where we had the landscape trench put in to keep water away from the house (i.e. NO MORE FLOODED BASEMENT!). And we could start a "stick garden" with all the branches that fall from the huge, mature trees in the yard - honestly it is a full-time job picking the sticks off the lawn (I'm sensing a future chore for the kids in the next couple years). I've been working on flower beds since we bought the house - we've been dealing with a shady yard, like what wants to grow in "mostly shady" areas. Well I'll tell you not a lot and not a lot of pretty flowering things. So I dug up some plants that didn't make it - R.I.P. - and I'm going to suck it up and realize that I will just have a green flower bed and color will come from the annuals.

Our bright orange fence to discourage any kids from running down the driveway
without us.

A robin that built her nest right on the corner of our house. Drew always looks for
her to be in it. Hopefully we will get to see her babies!

We also finally updated the last of our fuses. What? What's that - you don't know what a fuse is or that houses have them? Well, I believe you are not able to sell a house these days without updating to breakers so you shouldn't be seeing them anymore. Oh wait, you are wondering how we bought ours without knowing there were still fuses? I'll tell you how - it was trickery! There are 2 breaker boxes in the basement so one would assume that was that! Even the home inspector didn't notice anything. A couple months after living here we were having some issues with our first floor switches so I had my grandpa come down and take a look. He went to turn off the power to those switches and couldn't find it in the breaker box so he spent hours looking around the house and found a fuse box in the hall closet! The previous owners remodeled the kitchen so they updated the electrical for that room. The  problem is that when you "blow a fuse", you can't just flip the breaker switch, you have to replace the fuse. Long story short, after 9 hours, a co-worker's electrician husband, and a fat check, our house is electrically updated!

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