Monday, January 24


Ah, another Monday. I thought Mondays would be easier since I don't have to get up and go to work, starting yet another long week. But now they mean I'm starting another long week at home, waiting for the weekend when Craig is around to keep me company:)

Speaking of work, at my last OB appt, I asked about the possibility of "working from home" on the computer. I would be helping with a huge software/program conversion that is on the horizon. While it's definitely not the type of work I *like* to do, it is something that will require my attention and can be done from the couch/bed/recliner. So I am excited to be able to save some of my time-off for after the babies are born, instead of using it all now.

30 years ago tomorrow I was born...on Superbowl XV (15)--Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles. Maybe that's why I enjoy football so much or that I was a tomboy most of my life. But what irritates me is that the NFL added an extra week to the schedule and now my birthday will never again fall on the Superbowl. Craig asked what I wanted to do tomorrow.....uhhhhhh, about we stay at home? I'll even lay on the couch, as usual;) I know he was just wondering if I had anything planned/in mind but what does one ask for on their birthday when confined to bed rest?

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