Saturday, January 15

Day 1 of blog, Day 10 of bed rest

So I considered starting a blog when we first found out we were expecting twins.  Mostly because our families are friends are scattered around the state or states (what up Brian & Alyssa, Andy).  But then I thought, what would I say? Would people even want to read it?  Now that this pregnancy has become a little messy, and by the sheer volume of texts I've received in the last 10 days, I find this might be an easier way to get to everyone and not forget anyone!

Well, you might wonder how I am.  Just dandy.  It's hard to be confined to a laying or semi-sitting position without having an actual problem/injury/debilitating disease preventing me from getting up.  It's easy to think of all the things I "could" do since I'm home.  And it's hard to watch Craig buzzing around the house; I know he enjoys relaxing just as much as the other guy.  He's been awesome, my Mr. Wife.

Otherwise our dog Marty truly enjoys all this lying around business.  He keeps the bed warm after Craig leaves for work and doesn't usually bother me to go outside until the afternoon, which is when I finally leave the bedroom and make my first appearance on the main floor.

There is a ton more I could say, but it would be too overwhelming. I will save it for the next couple days and explain how I found myself on bed rest.

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