Sunday, January 30

Blast from the past

Sunday least it's a sunny day:) I have a burning desire to "organize" our basement storage room. I'm trying to figure out how I can eliminate a trip UP stairs, in order to go DOWN stairs. And then try to sit and decide what to keep and what to pack away, like out of the way. Maybe my nesting instincts are setting in, but I have anxiety about making room for baby stuff. Our house can certainly hold 2 more people, not necessarily more stuff! We've managed to use/occupy all of the closets, storage areas in our home. It's just a kick in the pants that I had all these plans for things to do before the babies were born, that now I have to strategically plan or decide how I can get anything accomplished without pushing me into labor before we're ready.

Last night my family made their way down to Milwaukee to celebrate my birthday.  Usually the birthday person picks a restaurant of their choice and the rest of the family travels to the venue for a night of good food and spirits;) Well, since I received the red light on going out last weekend, Craig and I decided that it would be best to stay in another week until I see the doctor again, hence risking any reason for them to deny my attendance at my sister's wedding. So we ordered Maggiano's italian pasta party pan and baked homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. But the night would not be complete if it wasn't for the original NINTENDO experience. Thanks to Craig (and his friend Bob, who when visiting challenges Craig to RBI Baseball) he was able to fire up Super Mario Bros. with a little coaxing from the ancient machine. Who knew it would take us 2 hours to finally remember all the tricks, when to warp, and conquering the maze in the last world to defeat King Kuppa! There was lots of laughs and reminiscing. Good times and a nice relaxing night in our home.

Have a good start to another week everyone! February is right around the corner, which is good for people who can't wait for winter to be over, but crazy for people you can't believe how fast the days have been going by!!

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