Thursday, January 20

Good News

We had our follow up appt yesterday and of course the last couple appts have only brought us bad news, so we were cautiously optimistic. First it was the ultrasound of the babies; growth checks to make sure their measurements coincide with how many weeks along I am. All good there-both measured 24 wks (which I am this week).  Then came the cervix length...15mm! I had gained a whole 3mm from last week, due to the cerclage placement. And the funneling was almost non-existent. The doctor was happy; we were happy to finally hear good news. We attempted to get some "out-of-the-house-privileges" to celebrate my birthday this weekend but those plans fell flat.  She said to wait; I was only 1 week out from my procedure and really I was just looking for any inch of freedom!

On the up and up, I feel good! I'm not too bored, believe it or not. I can fold laundry from the couch and that's pretty much it for chores:) I get up around 7 and go downstairs, make breakfast, pack a lunch and head back upstairs to bed.  And if Marty can hold out, we stay in bed till about 3. Somewhere in that time I shower. Around 3, I pack up my things (bag filled with laptop, notebook, pens, magazines, lotion, snacks, cell phone, etc) and head down to the couch. That's where I stay until it's time for bed...again!

Craig was able to make his way down to IKEA Monday to buy the babies bedroom furniture.  Good thing for MLK jr. Day so that Craig didn't have to battle any crowds by having to go on the weekend. Now he has a little *more* to keep him busy:) His week has been a little more trying than usual, but hopefully he will recharge this weekend. And actually he ENJOYS putting things together, so he probably wouldn't even let me help with the cribs if I could!

These are my 'fur' babies.  They keep me company all day-as you can see, they are real tired:) This is us from 7a.m.-3p.m.!

And this is my world from 3-ish til we go to bed! (Marty is at the end of the couch by my feet, Wriggs of course has to lay on top or in between my legs, rendering me immoveable.)                    


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