Wednesday, January 26

"Now you're old"--birthday wish from my brother;)

I received so many beautiful cards and kind words yesterday on my birthday! Lots of people asked how my birthday was or hoped I had a good day; but really it was just another day. How could it be much else? Except that my phone was busy with texts, calls, and emails from friends and family.

Craig got me some interesting gifts-as every year! He started this tradition a couple years back. One gift is an "as seen on T.V.", one is practical, one is fun/funny, and one is a nice gift. So I look forward to seeing what he has come up with each year. I got a puppy 'pillow pet'--a zip up hoodie--the board game TROUBLE--and the "nice" gift came in the mail today, so I'm waiting for him to get home to give it to me!!

I am one week away from my next appt where I not only get to see how my cervix is, but the more important issue of being allowed to attend my sister's wedding on the 12th. Before the cerclage, before my cervix was REALLY short, when I was just on bed rest, the doc had said he would give me a day pass to attend the wedding and there shouldn't be any problems. Now I am completely at their mercy for their decision--of course I feel good and want to be there, but I can't even speculate what the answer will be.

My new life until the babies are born might have to be t.v. program/movie reviewer. There is really, really bad shows out there and some okay movies. T.V. is pretty terrible from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. Most quality programing is on after 3. What's with 'Glee' being a repeat for the last month? And now with 'American Idol' starting, some of my weekly shows are bumped. There are shows on later at night and I suggest to DVR or TiVo them; Tosh.0, Onion Sportsdome, Conan. I really like the movie "The A-Team". I don't know what kind of reviews it received, but I enjoyed it--I watched it alot when I was younger. "The Town" was good. I don't necessarily care for vampire movies but I have watched 3 of the Twilight Saga movies. The story lines are well-written and you have to get over the fact that it is about fictional vampires and wolves. I did not like "The Social Network".  We recently watched "Toy Story 3" and I still liked the first one the best.

This is my pillow pet gift! 

Beautiful birthday flowers from my sweet cousins:)

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  1. Brothers, despite of the arguments and fights, are still gift from God. and celebrating their birthday is a special occasion. Thanks for sharing these birthday wishes for brother. They are really nice!