Saturday, January 22

Another week closer

Yesterday was unbearably boring. It's the first time since being put on bed rest where I just couldn't find anything to keep me occupied or entertained. I couldn't find the motivation to read or write or shower or even nap! Waiting for Craig to come home from the gym after work was almost torture. I've got such an itch to "clean" or "tidy" the babies' room; and it kills me to have to ask Craig to add one more thing to his to-do list of stuff that NEEDS to be done, that I CAN'T do, before the twins get here.

My mom and sister visited Thursday and maybe because I had so much daytime stimulation, that I'm not used to, caused Friday to be such a downer. It's fun when everyone has to crawl in bed with me to eat lunch because I can only travel up and down the stairs a limited amount in one day. So that means I have to plan my days out so that I get everything done that requires me to be upstairs: shower, getting dressed/ready, bedroom things. Then when I do come downstairs to the living room, there is no reason to go back up until we go to bed. I know it sounds trivial or silly that I put so much thought into it, but I am very absent-minded and often forget where I put things or misplace them. It's little things like floss or nail file that if you were just sitting on the couch and needed, you would just run upstairs and get. Well, I can't and I usually need those things when I'm by myself and I like to be as self-sufficient as possible.

It sounds funny but I skipped my 10 min of freedom of showering Thursday so I that I could be a little more active with my family being here. Which means I wanted to be able to get up more than I'm supposed to and be a little helpful while they did some "housework" for me; take Christmas decorations down, clean up the babies' room. So by skipping that 10 min of standing, of gravity working against me, I was able to "assist" mom and Tara by sitting on the floor or on the couch and placing things in the storage bins. Apparently I am ALWAYS supposed to have my feet up.  It's okay...I know a good ulcer debridement surgeon:)

Today we are having more visitors! Tonight was supposed to be a nice, quiet, relaxed dinner with friends for my birthday. But I was half-way through inviting people when I was originally put on bed rest; so I stopped, thinking well, if things change I'll invite everyone else. We just had lunch with our friends and their twins, which is always a treat:) And tonight more good friends brining dinner and maybe a movie.  It's more than I expect or could ask for. You start to feel like a burden; because I'm not sick or hurt but been given this "sentence" of imprisonment.

Currently I am watching Craig, hard at work putting together the babies' dresser. Last night, he was able to get both cribs put together; no swearing with either project! He's made quick work of it and now their room feels more complete, like it's ready for babies!! You may have to put almost everything together yourself when you buy from IKEA but it is really sturdy, strong furniture. Now we just have to figure out what/how we are going to decorate the room. It was painted yellow in the last couple years so there is no plans on repainting, especially since that is not top on Craig's list of fun things to do:) But we are thinking owls...maybe (wink, wink to my family;))


  1. Sounds like you are hanging in there today!!!!

  2. It was so great seeing you guys today! The boys just LOVE running all over your house. I think we're finally figuring out what keeps them busy there!
    Hang in there, keep cookin' them babies and try to enjoy your time to sleep while you can :)