Friday, January 28


Yes, I am equally happy as you that it is Friday! This only means that now I get 2 days of  Craig's undivided attention (yeah, right--has anyone met a man with that quality?). I do like to be alone; I don't like unnecessary small talk that fills awkward silence. But when you spend all day only talking--sometimes scolding--the dog, I long for another human interaction...where it's okay if we don't say anything to each other, but if something comes up he's there to hear my thoughts.

I received a fun surprise in the mail today--a super fantastic box of goodies and original artwork from my in-laws, niece and nephew! The works of art went immediately on the fridge for display and the treats in my belly for chocolate satisfaction:) Thanks so much guys.

And now I bet you are all wondering what the last gift Craig got that came in the mail as I was finishing my last post...oh, you forgot, well I'm going to tell you anyway! It's a twins pendant. And I can't wait for an occasion to wear it!

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