Tuesday, February 1

Snow Day

February ALREADY! I know some of you are thinking, good-hurry up and get through this winter season. I'm thinking, wow the days are going by FAST. Which probably confuses you because bed rest might seem like one.long.day.after.another. But what it feels like is every day passing you by without accomplishing anything. So I want to enjoy being pregnant without getting depressed about doing nothing

So the babies are moving machines! I know all you mothers out there know this is nothing unexpected, but *few* of you know what it's like with 2 going at it. They are really most active very early in the morning, like the first time I get up to pee around 5. And lately later at night, when I'm supposed to be sleeping but can't, after 10. I've done the fetal kick count, which isn't an issue-just for fun, and it is every second for at least 2 minutes straight. And most of it comes from the boy. Baby girl does less kicking, but because her head is so low in my pelvis, I can feel her roll from facing down to facing out...a little creepy. The other thing I was telling Craig is that it feels like they are already scheming. Like they are dividing up who's going to take the blame for what-coloring on the walls, breaking the window with the baseball, sneaking out of the house. This way one kid isn't always going to be in trouble and they've already decided who's turn it will be. Well, that's my take on it:)

Craig just texted me that MPS already cancelled school for tomorrow. And then the news interrupted and told me the same thing. This way Craig will have ALL day to snow blow! He wants to challenge me to the game of Life again because he gets so mad when I win. I never go to college; I skip right to getting the career, which he says is not right because that's not what I did. I remind him, often, that this is the GAME of Life, meaning I can do things that aren't what I would do in my real life! I also don't buy home or auto insurance and that's not realistic either. Two words: sore loser! Sunday night Craig did *real* dishes, like in the sink without the dishwasher. He walks into the living room by me and says, "I think the dishes are cleaner when you do them by hand." Did this stop him from going out and buying more dishwasher soap...no way! Ah, I love him; it's always a trip to hear what he's gotta say.

My sister may be staying at our place tonight because of all the snow; it's just less stressful to have to drive all the way home tonight after work only to have to figure out how to get back in the morning. It's rare that hospitals and clinics close--somehow, someway those patients find a way to get to their appointment! And seriously, I live 1 minute away. It takes longer to park and walk into the hospital. I'm hoping she remembered to bring me a pair of her jeans to borrow. It doesn't pay for me to purchase maternity clothes because 90% of the time I am in sweats. The 5 times people are actually going to see me doesn't necessitate a whole expensive maternity wardrobe. But while I'm excited for her to bring the jeans, she probably didn't. I know it might be all I'm thinking about. But I can't blame her for not thinking about me lately...apparently she has this wedding thing coming up;)

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