Sunday, June 19

1st Father's Day

We had a good day/weekend after a big storm went thru this morning. Since it was Craig's day, he decided to play softball - which means he's been playing since Friday when the softball tournament started. The babies and I tagged along and had a good time. We *tried* to get dinner tonight but knew the babies' good behavior was going to be short lived, since they did so well in the humidity watching daddy play ball this afternoon. We had to pay the bill on the fly since both kids were in meltdown mode as we were on the way out to the car. Overall, I'd say Craig had a good day.

Not much else to say - we are busy getting things ready for their first day at the baby-sitter. AND my first day back to work; I'll take any prayers from you that I don't totally lose it on my way to work. We'll see if I even sleep tonight!

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