Thursday, June 30

June's Over So Fast

I'm very excited for the holiday weekend coming up; not that we have anything out of the ordinary planned. I can't wait for the short work week:) And to hang out with our babies all weekend.

Actually my best friend is getting married on Sunday. I was asked to be a bridesmaid last October and gladly accepted. In December we went and picked out super cute bridesmaid dresses that I was excited to wear. Then a month later I was put on bed rest. And then the babies were born much earlier than we expected. So I made the tough decision to respectfully back out of her wedding. There were just too many circumstances involved for me to feel comfortable going - did I mention the wedding is in Colorado? I am sad to be missing it but the couple has been more than understanding from the beginning. Best wishes to our friends Nicole and Andy! Your day will be wonderful, surrounded by loved ones and the beautiful scenery. We love you!

Kelsey and Drew are just being awesome otherwise:) They are eating well, sleeping well, and continue to be cute! We are having fun watching them grow and learn, especially with all the great toys our friends borrowed us. We are going to try and get 3 month pics taken tonight and I hope to get some good ones this weekend. The amount of pictures I've taken of the kids has been dramatically reduced since being back at work.

There is one thing that's been irritating since I started getting hospital bills for the babies: Craig's employer switched insurance companies on April 1st - practically the middle of our hospital admission. So I've been getting bills, HUGE bills and there is no insurance coverage. For example, I received a bill for Drew's circumcision and the insurance pending portion was $0. What the...? So I called the hospital yesterday and interestingly enough there was NO insurance assigned to that account and they still had the "patient" listed as "Bonin, Boy Baby." Thankfully I called and had it all cleared up and they are going to bill insurance. Which at this point I should have to pay $0 because we maxed out our out-of-pocket max MONTHS ago! Anyway, I learned that I need to read the bills closer to make sure both insurance companies are being billed before I pay anything.

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