Sunday, June 12

Say What?

So the babies and I tried to rummage again on Friday.  Let me just say if people are going to advertise "LOTS" or "TONS" of baby clothes, then they better have it! But no - it was all toddler sizes. Even tho I enjoy buying "ahead", I wanted to focus on the present size/season. And I drove a significant distance to these specific garage sales in order to strike gold for the kids this summer. Well, mostly just for Kelsey. She's gotta be the only 2.5 month old girl with only a couple of summer play clothes in her wardrobe! I went thru Drew's things again, and because of some generous hand-me-downs, he is set til he turns 1:) But my 2 dear sister-in-law's have been super and did some rummaging in their areas and came up big.

Here's the issue with 2 babies - they don't both sleep thru the night on the same night. A couple nights ago Drew went 6 hours between feeds and last night Kelsey went 7 hours. So it doesn't matter if who is "sleeping thru the night" if they both aren't! Ha. Now let someone tell me, "I always wanted twins." Regardless I still wake up to pump.

And in exactly one week I will have the Sunday blues. It will be the eve of my first day back to work in 5.5 months. There's anxiety of leaving the babies, leaving them with a new person, will Craig get out of the house with them without a glitch, and especially how nervous I am to return to work, how tired will I be, am I going to be able to nap when I get home:). So I'm going to just eat them up this week!

New pictures tomorrow when I have more time. And I hope to have their newborn photos within the week - yay!

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