Thursday, June 9

Keeping Busy

Even though it has been tremendously humid, we have been getting out of house every day. On Monday we went to visit Aunt Tara on her lunch break, letting the ladies canoodle the babies before they had to get back to work. Then Tuesday I brought the babies into my work; I haven't been in that place in almost 5.5 months!! And I only have 11 days til I go back (EEK!). It was so nice to see everyone - my favorite people dressed in blue:) We went with one of my friends who had her baby almost 2 weeks after my twins and caused a bit of a ruckus in the middle of the surgery department! Yesterday we took a walk with my mom and later went with Craig to a little "student teacher" graduation celebration - Craig has always had student teachers in his classroom, so they honor the mentoring teacher also.

Today we might rummage (it's 30 degrees cooler than yesterday!) and tomorrow we might visit some more people. What's with all the bumming around, you ask? Well, this is my first week alone with the Craig went back to work full time Monday to finish out the year and complete report cards. And next week, my last week home, I will have 4 days of just me and the babes.

But all in all, Kelsey and Drew are doing so great. D is starting to smile on his own. K is starting to coo and is totally observant of what's around her. We won't be going to the pediatrician until they are 4 months, so I will have to find a place to weigh them and see how big they are getting!

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