Monday, June 6

A Nice Weekend

It all started Friday evening: beautiful weather combined with good friends. We began our weekend and ended our night with our friends and their 2 two boys, cold beverages, and smores! I was supposed to rummage again Saturday morning, but the babies needed to eat right when Jill was leaving and it was super warm. My best friend came to see the twins, for the first time, before heading back home. Drew totally crashed in her arms for the couple hours she was here! Then Saturday evening when the humidity wasn't so intense, we were all outside doing yardwork and planting flowers (finally). Of course that was short lived because the bugs were coming out.

Sunday was our walk at Miller Park to support crohn's and colitis research in memory of my brother's friend. A bunch of the "walkers" came to our house beforehand for pre-walk festivites, also known as "baby-holders" :) The weather was super, the babies had a good day, and there were so many people out supporting the cause.

                                                   My brother and Drew before the walk.

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