Thursday, June 23

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Thursday already! The week is going by quickly - I guess because there isn't any downtime. When I came home on Monday, I wasn't sure how I was going to make it thru a whole week of work. My suggestion, which I've heard from other new mom's as well, is to NOT return from maternity leave on a Monday. Go back mid week if you can - it will feel less daunting. But I would say I'm doing about as good as I thought. It certainly helps that I don't have to drop the babies off at the sitter. So I just get to leave for work when they are usually eating or sleeping. It was SO much harder to leave them the first night in the NICU.

Everyone asks how the babies are doing at the sitter....ummmm...since I haven't heard any different I would say good.  The older kids really like them, they are eating and sleeping fine for her. The only thing I noticed is that they seemed a bit more crabby/fussy in the evening the two days they were at the sitters. My mom  was home with the babies on Tuesday, so I have a couple days to compare. I know they are probably just getting use to being away from home and having someone new take care of them. But there is something to be said for having in-home care - the convenience of not having to pack up the babies and drop them off is almost priceless. We tried looking for a "nanny" but haven't had any luck.

I realized I've taken less pictures of them since being back to work - as in last night was the first picture I took of them since the weekend. I will have to post some new pics especially since we have captured both of them in full smiles!

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