Friday, June 3

Oh No You Didn't

Oh yes I did - I rummaged today - my first time rummaging - and I brought the babies. Now you might think that it is ridiculous that I have never been to a "yard sale." But I wouldn't say never been, just never shopped at one. This time I had a purpose and with the economy, everyone is trying to get a little money for their stuff. And there is used "stuff" out there that I would pay money for:) This might be hard to believe also but I've been a little shy to shop at someone else's house. Like I feel if I am there, I HAVE to buy something. I don't know why that is. I get the same feeling if I walk into a store at the mall and I'm the only one shopping - like I am personally hurting the salesperson's feelings if I don't buy anything. I know, it's weird. So that is why I have avoided them for my whole life. But now I have reason. Not that my babies are growing out of their clothes in record speeds, but to think in a years time they will have gone thru just about 5 different don't have to convince me to buy second-hand. And I like buying for the "future." I found the cleanest, nicest looking winter jacket for Kelsey for next winter. And I think I totally scored on a pair of dress shoes for K to wear with her dress at my brother's wedding. It's a little more fun too because I am mostly shopping for Kelsey and people have LOTS of girl clothes. I've been getting great hand-me-downs for Drew from 2 of my friends - apparently everyone I know with little kids are boys!

Can't wait to enjoy the beautiful weekend we are supposed to have!

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