Thursday, June 16

School's Out For Summer

I'm sure most of you reading this with kids are thinking, "um, lady, school's BEEN out for a while." Sure, if you work/attend a "regular" school. Today was Craig's last day; yesterday was the last day with students. He finishes school this late every year. Every school has the same amount of days so MPS must have more days off throughout the year. And boy is Craig ready for the year to be over. It's been an especially trying school-year: firstly having 32 students with no aide/class helper, then finding out we were pregnant, the news of twins!, me having to go on bed rest, delivering premature babies, a couple weeks in the NICU, then attempting to finish the year after taking 6 weeks of paternity leave. So it is only appropriate that he is currently celebrating summer vacation with cold beverages! Craig is finishing his job while I am getting ready to get back to mine:)

Are you all sick of hearing me talk about garage sales? Good, because I think I might be slightly addicted to them:) Of course it is probably due to the fact that I am still off work, the weather has been nice, and I can take the babies along to get us out of the house. But now I am looking for toys, learning dvd's, and kid's movies.

Otherwise we are getting ready to host the Bonin family tomorrow for a lunch grill-out. Tomorrow is Craig's *only* day off - he starts full time again at the country club as the pool manager on Monday.

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  1. I've got some toys for you! I'll see what I have and make a bag up for you.