Thursday, February 17

Hey Hey, Ho Ho...

...Governor Walker's got to go! I'm irritated by this man, his politics, and his dictator-like behavior. I know some of you out there are thinking it's about time state/local government workers contribute to their own well-being. To a degree, most of you are right. BUT where is the civil servant love? I don't believe Craig woke up one day, 14 some odd years ago, and thought, gee--I'd love to work for "peanuts" in an underappreciated career! The least the state/tax payers could do was reward their own employees for doing sometimes a less than desired job. Walker's eliminating 50 years of peaceful collective bargaining--Wisconsin was the 1st state to implement this and he's just throwing it away like garbage. And before this bill was announced, Milwaukee public teachers were already prepared to contribute to their health benefits next school year. If this bill passed before I became pregnant, it's not likely we would be pregnant for a couple more years because insurance choices will be taken away. Republican or not, the legislatures do not have to pass this--I would like to think they have their own brain and can make decisions not specifically based on what side of the party line they fall. Those pro-Walker bill commercials are not accurate either: they talk about state/government workers not having to make any sacrifices. Craig has had to do more with less for the past couple years, with no compensation. As they have been cutting staff, they aren't replacing them so who do they think is picking up that slack? If Walker's not careful, he's going to end up with a Cairo, Egypt situation and the capital will turn into Tahrir Square...I'm just saying!

The Wisconsin Educators sent emails last night to the local unions to tell teachers to 'call in sick' today. This morning, the MPS superintendent sent an email to the principals telling teachers there would be disciplinary action if they did not report to work today. No worries, Craig went to school today but I'm pretty sure the school can't question a teacher about why they missed one day--they can ask for a doctor's excuse if you are gone multiple days. Oh, I guess I should say that the superintendents and principals are not in the same unions as teachers. I also feel there has to be other ways to balance the deficit--screwing our beloved civil workers can't be the only option.

That's my rant! I have to stop because I'm starving and need to find my nourishment for the day:) Hope some of you are enjoying the spring-like weather. I experienced it a little yesterday while I waited for Marty to make his slow trek back into the house. We have another appt today so I'll let you know how that goes-fingers crossed for only good news.

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