Monday, April 11

Honey, We're Home!

And so it happened! When I went in to the hospital this morning, their nurse said there was really no reason we couldn't take them home later. I expected as much since they had such an awesome weekend, but it wasn't going to be real until we were walking out the door! Of course, the doctor had to see them and agree to their discharge. And he was a very busy guy today, so he didn't finish going over their charts until 5 p.m. The neonatologist was a little surprised with how well they were doing and couldn't believe the nurses were asking him to discharge the "Bonin twins" today.

We were leery about how Marty was going to handle these new people in his house, so we picked up a bone on the way home from the hospital. He's been a little barky, but when the babies are quiet and laying down he doesn't seem to notice them.

So now it begins...figuring it all out, how things are going to work, when we are going to get things done. Man, preemies can make a lot of noise! I must have have had a 6th sense about them coming home because Friday night while Craig went out for beers with a friend, I prepared and froze a couple meals for us.

Thanks for all the support and well wishes these past 17 days in the NICU, as we were mostly in survival mode trying to get through each day. We can't wait till they are older, bigger, stronger for more people to meet them.

Here are some pics of their last moments in the hospital.

And first pic when we got home

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