Friday, March 25

This could be IT!

sooooooooooo....yesterday was another NST to watch the heart rates compared to their movement. All went well and we had a good OB appt talking about leaving the cerclage in until 36wks, which made me excited:)

NOW, I'm currently laying in the hospital bed, on my side, IV in place, waiting to see the doctors. I woke up around 3 to use the bathroom and when I got back into bed, I felt like I had *wet* my pants. Since I had just used the bathroom, I started to worry. Then I got a little sweaty and my heart started to race and thought seriously about what kind of deal I could work out with Big Guns in order for this to NOT be labor i.e. GO TIME. I let Craig sleep and around 4 I started to feel back pain, lots of it. Thinking I was just uncomfortable in bed (again more denial) I rearranged the pillows and tried to sleep. So it didn't get better and I called the doc and that's how I got here. It is what it is and we'll see how things go - I just ask for some prayers that the babies will be healthy and READY! Thanks to everyone for everything so far!! We will keep you updated as things go.

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