Monday, February 14

Chalk Another One Up

Well, Monday already. I had a LONG weekend...let me explain. I use to look forward to getting away, seeing family and friends. But since this was my first time out of the house in 37 days, I could only think about how I have all week to lay around! I even took a nap yesterday when we got home:) Haven't done that since the first week I was put on bed rest. The wedding was fabulous and beautiful and now my little sister is all growed up! Everyone was on my team, accepting my limitations for the days events. I walked down the aisle, sat through the whole ceremony, walked out of church, sat again waiting for pictures. My sister is a minimalist-I think I only took 3 pictures before we left for the hotel so I could lay down/rest. And then I was able to kick my feet up and watch the shenanigans unfold all night:) But there is nothing like sleeping in your OWN bed-I couldn't wait for last night. I am feeling really good today and so fortunate to have been able to attend without any issues.

the fam! (i know, we are a good lookin' bunch)

Craig and I

FYI...for anyone interested in the Summerfest concerts so far (especially if you are not in the MKE area): Toby Keith, Katy Perry, and Sugarland are at the amphitheater. And Bon Jovi will be at the Bradley Center in May. Not that we plan on attending any of these but it does mean summer is on it's way!

Oh yeah, I forgot it's Valentine's Day--I'm not really a fan. I HOPE Craig did not get me anything, mostly because I feel he spent too much on my birthday. I did buy a little something for Craig, though. Only because I was thinking I will have to go big for his birthday, to reward him for all he's done and been doing since I've been on bed rest. But his birthday will be right in the middle of baby chaos and I'm not sure how much time/energy we will be able to give towards it. So I wanted to do some little things now, along the way, to make him feel special, remind him that I appreciate him because I feel my thank-yous only go so far (after hearing it over and over and over...)

Anyone watch the Grammy's last night? Lady Gaga of course was no shock. Most of the winners were of no surprise, except I was sure that Justin Bieber was going to win "Best New Artist". Who is Esperanza Spalding? I thought that maybe because I really haven't listened to the radio, I missed her-but so far everyone I've talked to has been as dumbfounded as me. Another what the ... was Arcade Fire. They were on late in program and if you took a nap like me, you were still up to see it. I'm sure there were some audience members that had seizures during their performance. The light show was making me nauseous from my bed--I was wondering if the band was so unattractive that the lights were a great distraction.

Stay tuned for 'bump watch'--I'm going to have Craig take a picture to mark the 7 month milestone!

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