Thursday, February 3

Spring's coming early?!

Today was the day...the long anticipated appointment where I get the answer to my only bed rest dilemma: do I get to attend my sister's wedding? Unfortunately my mom was there to witness the answer, so even though I had already decided that I didn't care if they said no I was going no matter what! But no worries--they gave me a cautious yes:) My cervix length was good but the top was funneling. Which means even though the stitch is keeping my cervix closed, the top is opening a little and allowing baby girl's amniotic sac to sag down into the cervix. So now I am going back next Friday to check the cervix AGAIN....  My sister has been waiting on pins and needles; she can breathe again and I think I need to be there for her, especially before church:)

Apparently there was a blizzard in Milwaukee this week. I wouldn't have really noticed except that channel 12 news did not play Regis & Kelly on Wednesday. Instead they just broadcast the same information How many ways can you tell people that there is a lot of snow on the ground, in the streets? And Craig was home; which sounds like it would be GREAT for me, but it turned into me watching him snow blow/shovel snow for 2 hours, then he had lunch with me, then the furnace wasn't working because the vents were blocked by snow so Craig spent another hour fixing that AND THEN he discovers that the storage room behind the furnace needs cleaning. Even though he was home, I saw him minimally, but I guess he was there if I needed anything:) And he was off today so he ran errands. I would have seen him more today except that I was gone for 2 hours at my appointment. I'm sure we'll catch up this weekend:)

view from patio door

out the front door

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  1. Shannon you know your body and your babies better than anyone!! Only you and your doctor know the facts and can make the best decision. Anyone who knows you and Craig knows how much you loves your babies and that you would never do anything to put them in harms way. You both are amazing parents. Every situation is different and every pregnancy is different. You are more that capeable of making an informed decision when it comes to your babies.
    I find it really hard to believe that anyone who has been in a situation similar to you can say such terrible things! Advice is one thing, but there is no room here for people to jugde or be so negative. Please disregard all this negativity directed to you. It's kind of irionic that people can judge you and say such terrible things about going to a wedding when by saying theses things to you they are more than likely causing you a great deal of stress, which is probably far worse than attending a wedding in the first place!!
    What you now more than anything is support. Please know that I, along with many others, are behind you guys 110% throughout this entire journey!!! Please stay positive and know we are here for you guys. Love you guys and the little owls!!!