Wednesday, February 23

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.

I have no appt this week so there is no babies/cervix update. But I can tell you there are a lot of bony elbows in there! Craig's been reading what developments the babies are going through this week and apparently their light and sound sensitivity can be tested. In order to do this, you are supposed to take a flashlight and move it across the belly; or make a loud sound close to them. While this sounds like great fun to Craig, he doesn't have a head in his right ribs and feet in his left ribs--feet on top of his bladder or a head in his pelvis! So no, I don't think we are going to try this experiment.

We had some *fun* visitors on Sunday:) Craig's college friend/roommate stopped in on their way to other Milwaukee adventures. Brian and Alyssa are our favorite people south of the 'border' and we can't wait for their wedding in July! Brian was also one of Marty's roommates, whom Marty still recognizes and cries a little when he sees him.  Then later our ever faithful bed rest visitors/friends Rich and Melissa brought dinner and Rich's daughter, whom Craig tutored for years before she went away to high school. So we had a nice night chatting, catching up, and ROCK BAND. I am highly entertained by their aspiring talent!

The nursery is almost done, just waiting on one more thing to come in the mail. Which I'm sure the mailman is not happy that he has to deliver a package to our house every week, especially with the all the snow--Craig didn't shovel the walkway to the front door because no one uses it. And I wouldn't be waiting for one more wall decal if I could READ! I never specified a color and so it came in standard black. I am still hoping it shows up before Sunday so we can complete the room before my shower--I will post pictures as soon as it's done. No theme--just a baby(s) room!

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  1. Right before I went inpatient, Jason and I went to the movies. The loud sounds made the boys go crazy in my tummy and I almost had to leave! Yeah, not a fun game when you have a ping pong team in your body :)
    The boys and I are all geared up to visit Nanners on Monday! Let me know if you need/want anything.