Sunday, February 27

A Baby(s) Shower!

Today was a beautiful day spent with many work friends to shower these babies with gifts - A LOT of gifts! I can't say enough about how generous and thoughtful everyone is. A big hand to the planners/organizers - love you! We are so grateful and appreciative of all the fantastic baby gear and supplies we received. So much good food and good times -  easy to be exhausted after.

Craig spent the last day and a half cleaning the house - cleaning parts of the house that haven't been touched since I've been on bed rest. He's been a busy guy so he rewarded himself with a couple of spirits and male bonding in Ashford. Of course he had to take Marty with him - because the old man never would have made it through an afternoon here with 20 women talking and eating! And Marty enjoys visiting Uncle Derek as much as Derek:) So as soon as Craig gets home, he will have lots of fun putting our new 'toys' together.

Otherwise nothing else is new.  I've just been looking forward to this shower all week, to spend time with people I'm use to seeing EVERY day at work, catching up with them. The last time most of them saw me I was stilling running around in small scrubs! I don't think this belly would fit in them now:)

I've got pics of the shower and mostly finished nursery; I still need a frame for my owls. Craig was going to make me one but I don't know if I need to add yet another task to his 'honey-do' list.

LOTS of gifts - and diapers!

Baby Cake; filled with diapers, receiving blankest, bathing goods, shoes, and a bottle 

baby girl's side of room

baby boys side of room

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