Tuesday, February 8

This n That

I have just a few things to talk about, mostly because I'm bored;) So if I'm going to have a captive audience, I might as well use you!

So Craig has been perfecting his skills in the kitchen with me being on bed rest. At least in the future, I will not worry that the kids will go hungry or only get mac & cheese or fast food. This is really helping him become more confident in cooking. I have to say that he was not a stranger in the kitchen before; he has always made his own breakfast-egg over easy and turkey sausage. But I am not a recipe person, unless I am baking, so it was hard for me to tell him what or how much of the ingredients to add. He needed exact measurements so that he could be sure he wouldn't ruin the dish! Craig is preparing great meals every dinner but I think we are equally excited for me to get back into the kitchen once I'm able:)

I feel like I may be jinxing myself with some of the details of my pregnancy that I post. Like right after I said that I pretty much sleep 6-7 hrs before I have to get up to pee, stopped the night after I wrote that! The first night I was up at 3 then 5, the next night it was 2 and 5, then 1 and 5. Now I'm not tired at night. I'm falling asleep after 10, some nights after 11. I was also looking forward to that pregnancy "warmth" some women get, where your body temperature finally matches that of your boiling husbands! (why can they sleep in shorts in the middle of winter and we are bundled up in long pants, shirts, and socks?) So I hadn't read anything about it so far in my "what to expect this week in your pregnancy", but the last couple of nights I've been shedding my sleeping layers and extra blankets. I always thought the extra heat would come in handy , especially this time of winter.

I will be posting pictures of the nursery so far...we are expecting some of the baby's room decor to be delivered soon and I know Craig will want to put it up ASAP, so I will show the before and after!

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