Tuesday, March 1

2nd Day of Visitors and Fun

Yesterday my favorite toddlers were over to visit, with their mom of course who is also my favorite:) Thankfully my mom was also here to help corrale the boys because you can imagine I'm not much help once they take off! Annie and my mom swam through all my shower gifts, looking at all the great things we received; listening to Annie reminisce about *tiny* sized diapers and LOVING the little girl clothes! Brady was hugging up on Marty and may have stepped on his awful floppy paws, to which Marty let him know with a less than gentle kiss. Brady recovered shortly without a mark and soon they were friends again because Brady had food and doesn't know how quick Marty is when a half of pancake is flailing around at mouth level. If Marty hangs on to see our babies turn into toddlers, it's possible he will be the only one eating! Or at least the floor under their high-chairs will be spotless:)

After the all the morning fun I went through the shower gifts myself, doing all that I could from a floor sitting position. So I pulled out all the clothes, burp cloths, towels/washcloths, and blankets; cut off all the tags and plastic holds, inspected their washing requirements and made piles for Craig to put in the washer when he got home! Later that night Craig put some of the baby gear together: play yards, bouncers, and swing. One of the pack n plays will stay assembled - it was of course the more intricate of the 2 so we hope to not have to take it down for a long time. The other one will be used for travelling but we put it together so we wouldn't find any surprises once the babies are here and we're struggling to put their bed up! I picked it based on ease-of-use reviews; it has less bells and whistles but was much easier for Craig to set up.

Jax and Brady sitting still long enough to get this picture! Cutest ever:)

Apparently Marty couldn't be too far away from me so he had to sit as close as possible
 while I went thru the gifts.


  1. You look good with twins in your arms!!!

    We had such a great time, we love seeing you and your mom!

  2. Craig just told me about the blog! Great idea! Love the Brew crew outfite at 26wks!

    Hang in there!