Saturday, May 21


Today is Judgement Day - hope everyone is doing something special on this day of rapture. Apparently, God is going to *take* those who are worthy and leave the rest of us to endure hell on earth. What a bummer. So if this is's been a good run! I think judgement day really started yesterday - when I heard that "Macho Man" Randy Savage had died in a car accident. Now that is a true WWF tragedy. I broke my brother's arm 23 years ago when we were wrestling WWF-style, pretending to be our favorite wrestlers.

Soooooooooo...I didn't get too many more photos from yesterday. The visit to school was quick and we spend most of it "showing" the kids off to the other teachers AND keeping the students from *touching* the babies! We were able to go out to eat. It's so nice not having to worry about smoke in restaurants anymore.

It's perfectly crappy outside today. Good thing my new camera came today so I can spend the day learning how to use it:)

This is a *movie* of Drew doing his "chewing" thing while he sleeps. I think it's the cutest:)

Kelsey and Craig watching "Wheel of Fortune". A new evening tradition.

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