Saturday, May 14

Rainy Day

It's one of those days...where all you feel like doing is staying in bed and watching movies and ordering take-out. Well, me and the babes are doing just that - minus take-out (I'm trying to be good and really I'm not so good at ordering out; I can't say why). Believe it or not all you people reading this living in Wisconsin, Craig is at a softball tournament. I'm pretty sure the temperature today involves the words "wind chill" and makes no mention of the word "sun". He left sometime after 6 this morning and could possibly be there all night! So life is just easier for me to stay in the second floor of our house, babies chilling in their boppy pillows next to me in bed. I run downstairs to get some nourishment when I get a chance but being so far from the kitchen keeps me from grazing all day - and let's just say I've been eating my "feelings" lately:) Otherwise when I'm home by myself with the kids I have to move so many things down with me and I usually forget to do important things like brushing my teeth (I know, eww gross). And since the babies are eating more I've been trying to pump more often and it is just more comfortable to do that in my bed instead of the wide open living room.

Today gave me time to enter all my "pampers rewards" points, research cameras, pay bills, and shop online for some upcoming birthdays. Drew had what I call his "poop meltdowns". He fusses and cries until he passes gas or FINALLY poops. He started one of these meltdowns while I was pumping this afternoon so he had to suck it up for 10 min before I could really console him. Then I decided to try my baby sling on him so that I could clean bottles and get some food. Drew immediately quieted and I was hands-free! So even though we didn't technically get out of bed today, I felt fairly productive:)

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