Monday, May 9

Due Date

In all technicalities, my babies would be 1 day old today. I would have been 40wks yesterday so they are officially newborns! They are definitely bigger and chubbier, and I could possibly pass them off as newborns now:) Yesterday was only the second time they weren't wearing a sleeper, mostly because they finally fit into "real" clothes.

We had a nice day yesterday even though we were a little more sleep deprived than usual because we had celebrated our dear friend Jason's 30th birthday the night before. We have no trouble being up at midnight but there is usually a couple of hours of sleep before that! And even though the babies had a lot of fresh air during the day, they were animals last night:(  Craig was busy preparing for his first day back to work and I was left with VERY fussy, inconsolable kids. It took over an hour to quiet them, tried breast feeding them to wear them out and then I dozed off on the couch around 9:30 while holding Drew on my chest and cradling Kelsey on my side. I was done! My only hope was that they would sleep for a couple hours before needing to eat again. So I didn't hear D until 1 and K followed - I fed both, not waking Craig up. He offered to get up with the kids even though he had to work, but I figured I was already awake and since Craig didn't even hear either baby cry...I sucked it up! And the last thing he needed his first day back to work is to be irritable and impatient with his class.

So it will always be a nice memory that the twins were due on my first mother's day, something I can remind them of when they get older!

Cue the awwwwwwws; the twins' outfits for my brother's wedding in September!

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  1. I love the way they look like they are dancing!