Saturday, May 7

Not My Babies

These can't possibly be our children....something short of a miracle happened last night. I woke up a little after 4 this morning and had a bit of a panic attack: did I feed a baby in my sleep and not remember? That would be awful. So I kinda yelled to Craig so he would wake up while I talked to him - is this real? Did they make it to 4 without waking up? Yep, he says and tries to ignore the fact that the babies are awake now. This means they went 5.5 almost 6 hours between feeds...and they were quiet...and I felt good when I woke up at 4, like I slept for once! This was absolutely welcomed after they were begging for food every 2.5hrs yesterday from 1p.m. on. I finally figured that maybe they were ready for more volume in their bottle; so that's what I did at 10p.m. and then they slept like teenagers! (Ok, that's really an exaggeration, but for them to go that long at this age/weight was a milestone in our minds.)

We've gotten out of the house quite a bit this week. Wednesday we went out for a walk. Thursday we went to the art museum to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit (and the 1st Thursday of the month is free -totally worth the minor crowds that "free" creates). Yesterday we went to the mall because the exterminator was spraying the inside of the house (our first maintenance treatment of the year), not that there were fumes but we had to let the liquid dry. And we are thinking of going to Craig's softball game this afternoon - it isn't supposed to rain, it doesn't look windy, and it should be warmer by then.

I'm going to post a picture of Drew in his guitar sleeper I bought him yesterday; you will probably think it's nothing special but I just love the way he looks in it!!

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