Friday, May 20's a SURPRISE!

Today is Craig's birthday. And for as long as we've been together, I have brought a birthday treat to his classroom - as long as his birthday fell on a school day. The first couple years I surprised him and showed up unannounced to his class. Then we would talk about it ahead of time because I would bring lunch in for him too. Last year I think I went on a field trip with his class and brought a treat during movie time.

Well, this year I made a last minute decision to bake 40 some cupcakes and bring the babies in to his school. Usually I plan things like this weeks in advance. I secretly bought his favorite funfetti cake Wednesday and ALL DAY yesterday I baked. I also bought the kids Brewers' onesies to wear, altho they are little big yet. So I thought I'd let you all know before we go to see Craig in an hour. He always calls on his lunch to see how we are doing and I hope I time it right that when he calls we will be parking at the school and he can meet us at the door! Here's the first pic of the twins all geared up waiting...

I'll be sure to get more pics of them with their daddy on his birthday and post more later! And it couldn't have been a nicer day to take the babies out:)

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