Monday, May 23

Good Times

Well something happened yesterday that hasn't happened since the babies were in the NICU...I took a nap! It was actually an all-family nap after we got home from Craig's softball game. We had been outside for 3 hours and the night before we were all up late because Craig played softball until almost midnight and the twins weren't sleeping yet. So needless to say "mom and dad" were pretty tired and I had to bring Drew on to the couch with me to sleep because he was so restless in his bouncy chair. But Kelsey had just finished eating so she crashed as soon as I put her down, just like her dad:)

We have a *busy* week - 2month appt, going to meet the baby-sitter, and "newborn" pictures. And next weekend the whole fam is doing a crohns/colitis walk (if you look down the right side of the blog there is a link) in honor of "Uncle" Derek's best friend, who passed away a week before the babies were born. We feel grateful to be a part of this cause. It's a guarantee that Uncle Derek's friend Kyle would have been one of the kids' favorite! We will all be in matching "Team Kylage" shirts - the pictures will be adorable:)

Hope everyone enjoyed the super weather yesterday - I may have enjoyed it too much, as evidenced by my red arms, neck, and chest. Oh yeah, real cute. I'll have to make sure it's less obvious by Saturday for pictures.

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